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Oak barn kits- Schutt Log Homes and Mill Works

Schutt Log Homes and Mill Works Oak log cabin kits come in a variety of sizes and styles. From our 400 square foot “Hunting Cabin” Kit to our 4000 square foot “Mountain View” kit we offer an Oak kit cabin to fit any desire.

We also create custom Oak log cabin kits. Just give us a call and we will be happy to assist you in designing the Oak log cabin kit of your dreams.

Schutt Log Homes and Mill Works- Oak log cabin kits

Schutt Log Homes and Mill Works offers several styles of Oak barn kits.  Our barn kits can be constructed in a pole barn style or in a Timber Frame style.  Either barn style is eye catching with it’s Oak board and batten siding. Timber frame barns have a more traditional  feel with large exposed timbers while pole barns are a more economical choice.

Of course custom Oak barn kits can be created. Just give us a call!

Schutt Log Homes and Mill Works- Oak Barn Kits


  Log Homes ... the mere words invoke feelings of comfort, warmth, happiness, simplicity, nature and family. These feelings are undeniably real. There is no home structure that exudes more ambiance of awe and tranquility as a log home. This is what inspired Patrick Schutt of  Schutt Log Homes to begin building these magnificent structures. This is where our hearts belong!

Schutt Log Homes and Mill Works knows Log homes are back by popular demand. They are once again proving to be energy efficient as well as environmentally friendly. Natural log construction is on the “green” list, in part because it eliminates many of the toxic materials used in insulating traditional wood frame homes. Today’s log homes are both contemporary and traditional, with a style to suit every taste.

No longer only simple log cabins or small vacation get-a-ways, Schutt Log Homes and Mill Works provides log home kits which can be large dwellings with every convenience. The natural insulating properties of solid Oak log walls is one aspect to be considered. A heating and cooling system in a log home can be up to 15 percent more energy efficient than the same system in a similar traditional wood frame home. Double or triple paned windows will add to the efficiency. Log walls are natural sound insulators also. Not only does the mass of the log prevent sound from passing through, but the log walls deflect sound by virtue of the texture created by their rippled contour. Yet another advantage is new tax laws that offer deductions or rebates for log homes. Check with a tax advisor to see how the laws apply.


Patrick Schutt, President had the vision of building solid Oak log homes the "old fashioned way". "Woodworking is my passion." ... says Patrick. " I want to create something with my hands that I can be proud of and that will be standing long after I pass." And that is what he set out to do. In late 2004, Schutt Log Homes, LLC was underway. Schutt Log Homes purchased a 56 acre milling facility, a saw mill, and built two drying kilns in 2005. The rest, as they say, is history.


At Schutt Log Homes, we want to make your log home dream come true! We make it our goal to provide unmatched dedication and workmanship. Our pride in workmanship then becomes your overwhelming joy in ownership.

   To assist you in discovering of the enchantment of log home living, Patrick personally works with each client like they are family. At times, meeting over a home cooked meal. There are no sales reps or third parties involved. Just down home, personal attention by the owner of our family operated company. We are located just East of Kansas City, Missouri in the heart of the mid-west. We invite you to take a closer look at Schutt Log Homes, LLC!

 In addition to Oak log home kits, Schutt Log Homes, LLC also sells hardwood timber frame barn kits, lawn and garden buildings, chicken coop kits, and greenhouse kits. Our outbuilding kits have an old school appeal with a modern flair. We also offer a full line of custom kiln dried lumber, Oak log siding and ship lap siding. We can help you turn your existing home into a warm rustic haven.

Patrick Schutt - Owner

Small Structures Barn Kits Mountain View Kit Timber View Home Kit Hunting Cabin Kits Chalet Oak Log Cabin Kits

The Homestead Oak log cabin kit is one of our new kits. This is a 1350 square foot kit with a large loft and covered front and back porches.

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