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Schutt Log Homes and Mill Works strives to ship only the highest quality products. Our Oak logs and lumber are inspected by our staff to ensure only usable products are shipped. Because of the nature of hard woods, such as Oak, there can at times be saw marks and a slight wave in the lumber. We do our best to prevent this but it does happen and can be corrected easily with planing. Please keep in mind logs are grown not manufactured. This means there will be knots, checks, surface cracks, areas with light bark, and etc, these blemishes in no way affect the integrity of the log, in fact we feel, they add to the rustic warmth of a log home. These imperfections are a main factor in why our prices can remain low.If you are looking for select logs and lumber, our Oak log products are not for you. We can produce select grade lumber if it is requested, at an additional expense.

Our standard for Oak logs is there should always be at least 6’ of useable log. Understand in our milling process and in our attempt to use as much of our resources as possible, with as little waste as possible, some of the logs and lumber shipped from our facility will have blemishes and inconsistencies. In our opinion this does not make the entire product unusable. We recommend the areas of concern be removed and the rest of the product used in the construction process. It is the policy of Schutt Log Homes to ship 5-10% more product then required to finish the project in order to compensate for log and lumber blemishes and defects. Surface cracks or checking do not affect the integrity of Oak logs.   

In the rare instance a log or lumber product is shipped which has less than 6’ of usable length, or material has unintentionally been omitted from shipping, Schutt Log Homes and Mill Works must be notified within 5 days of delivery of the product of any concerns. Logs and lumber should be stored with strapping intact until the material is ready to be used.


In the case of dry goods such as trim, ship lap, flooring, railing, etc, Schutt Log Homes must be notified within 5 days of delivery of any concerns. Dry goods must be stored in a dry humidity controlled environment or tarped at all times. Schutt Log Homes may require proof dry goods have been stored properly.

Should Schutt Log Homes and Mill Works agree a defective product has been shipped or material has been omitted, we will make every effort to correct the issue with our customer. If another shipment is due replacement product will be added to the next shipment.

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